First Night

Spent 10,000 yen on a bicycle today. I could’ve gotten one at 4,000 or 6,000 yen but the products are really an eyesore so I decided to spend a bit more to get something more pleasant looking. At least I can still sell it back to the shop at the end of my studies.

Upon purchasing the bike, touring the neighbourhood was a breeze. I could go this way and that, try this way and that without worrying how much time it’d take if I made the wrong turn here or the wrong path there. I could just hit anywhere I wanted to try, I love this kind of feeling.

And it was the bike that made it possible for me to get to the supermarket today and get some groceries. But, I didn’t bring enough cash for rice. And thankfully I didn’t because I wouldn’t know how to bring all those things back. The cashier asked if i needed carriers and part of me decided that saying no was the right choice. That part was the mouth. Shit. Thankfully, I managed to hug all those stuff to my bicycle basket (the 6,000 yen bike had a shallow basket which definitely can’t hold all those in). Imagine what would have happened if I had gotten my 5 or 10kg rice!

So I made a few trips to get different things. If you can, bring one set of your own utensils so you don’t have to buy them! And being a conscientious student, you should also be smarter than me by bringing your stationery! I only brought one pen. So i went out to get a pencil as well.

I got the stove lighter gun and guess what? My stove is self-ignitable. = = Wasted my money…

I went into the shower a while ago and turned on the red and blue taps and burnt my right hand when i turned the red a little too much. Then I finally got the right temperature and was enjoying my warm shower when i realised… I didn’t bring my towel in. *Oh celebration la la la la la* So when I stepped out of the shower to grab my towel, I was shivering real hard. But when I put my on long sleeved shirt and jacket, Ah~~~ This was a lonely but not bad first day.

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