Orientation and Entrance Ceremony

I might’ve mentioned this already which I am not sure and I refuse to refer back to my blog to find out. So, the English language orientation lasted 2 days, which when I found out, had wanted to switch to the mandarin version as it finishes in a day, and also which I was unable to.

So after 2 droning orientation sessions, which I feel are at times useful, we finally went for the entrance ceremony. Guess what? it lasted a mere 30min where each teacher introduced themselves really briefly followed by the 50-odd students’ introduction of ourselves really briefly and it ended just there and then. I had thought there’d be some kind of official ceremony where we’re gonna have to stand to something and what not. But I’m not complaining. It was all good. I’d rather it have ended this way than one with a really old principal giving a draggy speech. After 2 nights of 寝苦しい, I will definitely struggle to lift both my 500-tonne eyelids.

Finally went to visit Okazaki Castle with a group of friends and it was really beautiful although it’d be even better if the Sakuras are all in full bloom now without having some already fallen.

Okazaki Castle (right at the back) and the Sakura

Outside Okazaki Castle

Still Outside Okazaki Castle

Well, of course, why would there be Sakuras IN the castle?

Went grocery shopping again at maybe 6 or 7pm and came back with good stuff. Had my tastiest dinner since my arrival, although it’d be better if I cooked the vegetables too but I had too much stuff prepared before I knew it so I decided to leave the veges for ‘morrow.

There’s egg, tofu, hash brown, 3 gyoza, enoki mushroom and tuna flakes

I also got bananas but was too full after the meal so breakfast tomorrow it is! Energy!!!

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