Third Day

Well, the 27th birthday was unexpectedly spent with 4 hours of tests. It was supposed to last only 2 hours but apparently the first paper had no kanji in the questions so I had to take another 1.5 hour paper in JLPT format. My goodness… each time I forget how torturous it feels to be doing JLPT papers, and each time I take it, I feel like killing myself.

Met a taiwanese girl who stays upstairs yesterday while I was out throwing trash and she was struggling to get her luggage up, so I offered to help. She seems ok, not exactly the kind of friendliness I was half-expecting from the typical friendly taiwanese impression that I have. And also, the next door Israeli cooked spaghetti and very kindly knocked on my door to ask if I’d like to have some too! So I very kindly offered him some Kaya for this morning’s breakfast but he seemed apprehensive about some unidentified Southeast Asian product that I didn’t bother to explain what the content was. I figured I’m not going to knock on his door in the morning since I have no idea what time he’s gonna wake up, so no Kaya for him.

Outside the hostel…

While we were sitting in the cold outside the comforts of our rooms eating his spaghetti, he asked what languages I speak, and I said, “English and Mandarin.”

He paused for a moment and asked, “Mandarin chinese?”

I said, “Yes.”

He paused another brief moment and decided to satiate his curiosity, “But Singapore’s not part of China, is it?”

Interesting perception, isn’t it?

So I finally found one solitary sakura tree outside my school and went to snap a picture of it.

Outside the school…

Sakura trees!


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