Japan’s Adult Industry

Today’s the first time I actually grabbed a comic from the Manga Cafe. My 3 hours is about to end and I’m at my first book page 34 of an old series called Monster. Yes, as usual, my purpose coming here is for the internet, not so much the comics but as I was using torrent, the speed of the internet slowed to a point where webpages couldn’t load properly, I had not much choice but to spend time actually using something here instead, since I paid 980yen at this new Manga Cafe called Rounge. I’m guessing they spelled Lounge wrong but just guessing, not gonna jump into any conclusion.

I’ve got a number of pictures to show and things to write but with barely 30 minutes left, I don’t have much time to write on everything so, am just gonna post one simple picture of a shop in central Nagoya station. The shop’s called Sofmap and they sell almost any gadget and IT stuff. Printers, gaming consoles, mp3 players, mobile phones, DVDs and the list goes on. Heading straight to the back of the shop, I actually came across this corner…

The words on the pink board reads “Adult’s Products Corner” and the black strip on the left says you’re not allowed to enter if you’re below 18. I actually snapped this as secretly as I could but as I was done, a shopkeeper came by and screamed いらっしゃいませ~ which got me startled but I stayed as calm as I could pretending to be doing something else on my phone. Thank god for camera phones~

Though this isn’t exactly a rarity in Japan and definitely not the first time I’ve come across this, I still find the blatant promotion of the adult industry in Japan fascinating.

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