I know it’s Valentine’s Day but rather than talk about my rather regular day, I’d like to share some information on ski parks in Nagoya.

Actually, there isn’t a ski park here in Nagoya. Most people in the Aichi prefecture go skiing or snowboarding in Gifu since it’s just next door. Every skiing and snowboarding place here is called スキー場 which means Ski Park but they definitely do have snowboarding equipment and for those who are interested in trying skiing or snowboarding but are unsure where or how to do what when, here’s some little guide.

Of course if you google ski parks around the area, you’ll get an entire list of websites you can visit and if you use Bing, you may actually get the exact same set of results since Google allegedly proved that Bing copied their results but you don’t want to know that.

I’ve only been to one ski park in Gifu called Dynaland and will be visiting Meiho this coming Saturday and probably Dynaland again the following Saturday. Yes, I’m crazy about snowboarding now!

If you visit the 名鉄観光バス website, you’ll see a link on the right side of the page for ski parks. A click on that would lead you to a page to make reservations to either Dynaland or Hirugano Kouen Ski Park. Make the booking on the page and they’ll mail you a payment slip by snail mail. Take the slip and make your payment at any convenience store. Bring the proof of payment to the 4th floor of Meitetsu bus centre on the morning of departure and you’re set. Do note that bookings made online have to be at least 7 days in advance. Some ski parks require 9 days prior bookings for online reservations. If you’re late to book online, you can always call them to enquire if they’ve still got seats left. It costs around ¥7,300 per person for Dynaland which includes a return bus ride and 1-day lift ticket (so you don’t climb the mountain by foot). You’ll notice Hiruga is cheaper but it’s also because the bus arrives there later and leaves earlier.

Next, upon getting to the ski park, you’ll have to fill up a form with your particulars and the stuff you intend to rent. After collecting them and putting what you can on, you can proceed to the locker to keep your stuff but DO NOT keep the slip you received from the bus centre prior to departure because you need it to exchange for your 1-day lift pass! I don’t wanna relate what happened to my first visit but you can probably imagine. Anyhow, once you get your pass, you’re set to go queue the lift and have great fun!

What you need: You really need the ski wears. Trust me. Rent it! I’ve had my jacket and gloves frozen to ice after boarding and it wasn’t fun. When you fall, snow get trapped beneath your clothes and that wasn’t fun either. It was fun-ny though. Goggles are essential if it’s snowing because otherwise, you’ll get snow flying into your eyes and it was so irritating, I felt like giving snow a tight slap on the face, or in my mother’s words Bong ji bah hor le si, except that snow doesn’t have a face.

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