Sex Japan

I know the title sounds crude but wait till you see what is to come. I’ve heard a lot of people say and a lot of people ask whether it’s true that some sex workers only serve Japanese customers. I wouldn’t know since I don’t visit such places and I don’t know anyone who knows the answer. BUT! The question that has been bugging some of you has finally come to light! Check out the picture below!

This was what I found in my mailbox today.

Arrow #1: 学生・OL・人妻・熟女の中からお選びください
(Please choose from students, office ladies, someone’s wife and mature lady)
Arrow #2: 大好評3P コース
(Well-reputed threesome course)
Arrow #3: Japanese only
(Japanese only)

I know I didn’t have to translate the last point but it’s an OCD so please pardon me. Also, before you judge me on not bolding the “students” text as a sign of bewilderment, I’d like to say it’s because I think any adult in student’s uniform could pass off well as a student but how do you pass off as someone’s wife?

And for those who understand the rest of the text in the pamphlet, now that you see it, my title doesn’t look so crude anymore huh?

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