Round 1

No matter which prefecture of Japan you’re in, if you’re wondering where you could hang out with a large group of friends (or even just a couple of them), Round 1 could be a good choice.

So, what exactly is Round 1? To put it simply, it’s a sports entertainment centre. For merely a couple thousand yen, you get to spend a few hours at the centre to use and play anything they have there which includes, bowling, street soccer, basketball, golf, archery, baseball batting, baseball pitching, darts, mini-motor racing, billiard, pool, rollerblade, tennis, shooting, arcade games, mechanical bull riding, karaoke and more! For some of the sports, you get the real stuff as well as the arcade version of it. They also have the coloured ball playground which looks more like it was for kids but our group of 18 adults had crazy fun there shooting the coloured balls around too!

For more information, check out the website here.

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