The School Network

I have something against Blogspot, Livejournal and Ameba pages. Well, not exactly anything against these sites nor the people who use them but, unlike many other ALTs who get free rein in the webpages they visit, the school I had been teaching at has a Big Brother – the web filters.

The sites that are blocked include blogs, downloading/streaming services, forums, online shopping, web storage etc. and that practically blocks out all the entertainment you can get on the Internet. Being an expired owner of a Diploma in Internet Computing, the devil on my left shoulder chants “bypass, bypass, bypass” in hushed tones everyday and I actually toyed with the idea of using tunneling to get past the firewall but fortunately, I had more self-control than that.

So, what’s with the blog thing?

Well, the firewall made me appreciate Wordpress more now, not just because of the really good functions they offer but because I could still get around the school’s firewall without doing anything funny to the computer, so the only entertainment I get during my free time is reading the blogs of those publishing on WordPress. Not that I have that much free time though.

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