Full-Time English Teacher Position in Mie Prefecture

■Job offer ID number:A110421001


1. Recruitment Details : Full time English Teacher in Mie prefecture.

2. Type of Employment : Full-time

3. Location : Kuwana city (Mie prefecture)

4. Description of Duties : 
Classes for adults and children have a maximum of 6 students per class
and are 50 minutes in length.
You are given your own classroom, materials and textbooks to use, so please
make your own enjoyable lessons.
You don’t have to be experienced as long as you speak English proficiently.
We have a manager whose job is administering the school and conferring
with parents, so you don’t need to be good at speaking Japanese.

5. Working Hours : 13:00 to 21:00

6. Days off : 
2 days per week (Sunday, Monday, National holiday), Vacation (GW/Winter/Summer)

7. Salary : 250,000 yen per Month

8. Requirements : 
■English Native speaker
■Available to work in Kuwana city (Mie prefecture)
■Bachelor’s degree
■Experience as an English teacher (Preferred)

9. Application process:
※In accordance with the changes in the b-cause system, attaching
a resume to an email is not permitted.
Please follow the application instructions printed below.

■If you are not registered on Hiwork
1. Access the following page, http://staff.hiwork.jp/
and at the top left of the page click on the 「新規メンバー登録」
(New member registration) button. If you are not registered you
will not be able to apply for positions on the Hiwork website.
2. After registering you will be taken to your personal page.
Once reaching your own page look at the bottom of the page for the
「求人番号検索」(Search application by number) bar, and enter

3. On the bottom third of this page click on the pink 「応募する」
(Apply) button to apply. You will be taken to the application page.

On this page there are two boxes to check (*1). The first is asking
if your visa and resume information are current. The second box is
asking if your address and contact telephone number are current.
Number 2 is asking why you are interested in this position. Number 3
is asking if you would like to make a comment on the job in question
(personal appeal) to write it. Number 4 is asking when you would like
to start. It is okay to answer these questions in English.

4. After applying for the job, the selection process will begin.

※If your school and work history is not registered on Hiwork, the
chances of your application being rejected are extremely high.
Make sure that all your personal information is complete.

※You may be required to submit your work history and resume
separately depending on the requirements of the client.

※【Special notice】
When applying for a position, enter as much information as possible,
especially in the resume section.

There are many cases when people do not input enough information, so
be careful when applying for a position.

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