Japanese with 外ジンハン 2

Some time last year, a friend who was doing the beginner’s class in Japanese language at the same school I was at wanted to express a sentence in his homework. What he wanted to write was:

I like melon more than Cyrus does.

The sentence came out like this:


The teacher then asked him why he compared Cyrus to a melon. Turns out, the sentence was comprehended as:

I like melons more than I like Cyrus.

He then asked me how it should be written in Japanese if he were to say it correctly. It actually took me quite a few days to figure that out. Even when I asked the same thing to another Japanese language teacher, it took her quite a while to think about it. The correct sentence should be:


So, if you ever need to compare your liking for something with a friend, make sure you don’t end up comparing that thing against your friend by mistake.


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