Warning: (A Little) Explicit Content

In the first entry I wrote about 無料案内所 some time ago, I mentioned that they were brothels in an innocent facade but I was wrong.

Pardon my mistake.

Don’t ask me why we got to the topic but through the past few weeks, I’ve had some conversation with people I met (it wasn’t a deliberate topic of choice) I’ve come to learn more about these places. But the actual fact is, it wasn’t too far off the kind of industry brothels are in. There doesn’t seem to be an English equivalent for the kind of place a 無料案内所 is but if I say touch buffet, you might probably get an idea what it’s like. That’s right. Men pay to go into these places with girls walking around in only their panties and as for the top, I’ve heard that some of them have towels wrapped around them while at other places they have an oversized shirt over them.

The girls come to sit with you on a rotational basis (I think) and whether or not to buy them drinks is up to you. As soon as the girl sits down, you can practically remove her towel or shirt and touch, kiss and lick her anywhere. The only place that is off limits is her genitalia (because they are not brothels, remember?)

Oh, and I finally got the answer to whether they offer their services to foreigners. Yes, they do. Provided the said foreigner speaks some Japanese or is accompanied by someone who speaks Japanese. If not, the girls wouldn’t know what you want them to do.

I don’t know why I’m writing this but I thought it was necessary to rectify a mistake I made in a previous entry to avoid providing false information.

I never understood why there are girls willing to be in such a line and I don’t think I ever will.

Auditioning for 乃木坂46 might be a better deal. It’s kind of a similar industry minus the nudity, unsanitary touching, kissing, licking and plus the dignity.

Update: I came to find out later that I was right the first time round. The so-called touch buffet is what they call “boob pubs” here. 無料案内所 is indeed a brothel. Pardon the confusion.

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