A Former Singaporean ALT in Japan

As some of you might have already noticed, the title of this blog has been changed some couple of weeks ago. It used to be A Singaporean ALT in Japan and now it’s A Former Singaporean ALT in Japan.

Bearing in mind the possibility of some readers having a different interpretation from what it’s supposed to mean, I’ll clarify I’m still a Singaporean. I’m just no longer an ALT. So what happened?

Honestly, I would’ve liked to stay at least till the end of my contract, the end of this school year, which is March 2012 but things turned out differently so I left Aichi prefecture and am now living in Tokyo. I feel kinda bad quitting on the Board of Education because getting a replacement in the middle of the school year is a little troublesome, especially more so when I’m directly hired by the BoE and not with a dispatch company. The Head Teacher has been really nice and graceful about the whole thing although she was really angry when she first heard about my decision to quit. However, after we spoke, she became supportive of my decision and wished me the best which I am really grateful for.

So why did I leave? Well, I found work in Tokyo and no, I’m no longer teaching. I’ve joined a regular Japanese company. As for the reason for this move, I guess I’ll reserve it for people whom I know in person. It is not something I feel comfortable talking about on the Internet at this point in time but there probably will be some time in the future when I’ll write about this again.


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