The Most Benevolent Sentence: “Your Remaining Lifespan is 0 Years”

I’m watching Neptune’s サタネプ☆ベストテン (Saturday Neptune Best 10) on TBS which is a program that ranks celebrities on practically anything, with a new topic every week.

This week’s ranking is on celebrities’ health and their remaining lifespan and the way it was presented made it really scary, especially for comedian HIRO who is ranked number 1 with his remaining lifespan, zero, in years.

For a moment, I thought the style of presentation was really cruel but it is also because of how it stunned the celebrities present, a few of them made the bold statement to quit smoking. As for HIRO, he was adviced to seek medical treatment immediately. He then did light exercises prior to his first consultation and lost 5kg. Though that is not going to save his life as yet, he’ll probably do very well if he continues his treatment and changes his current lifestyle.

On the other hand, my health may be in trouble too because a recent health check-up got the doctor advising me to go for check-up again 3 months later to check my liver function again. I really hope it wasn’t due to downing the Waterfall on an empty stomach some number of years ago which saw me develop really bad skin rash for a whole week. And I better get a pair of running shoes soon so I can start jogging again. Yes, in winter.

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