Another Singaporean in Japan

I was really happy to hear from a reader who recently found a teaching job at an Eikaiwa in Japan and she was very kind to share some information regarding the jobhunt so that I could write it here for everyone else to read. Please note that the questions and answers have been edited and are not reproduced as is. For privacy reasons, the name of the company and the prefecture she will be working at will not be published so please do not ask.

Also, I couldn’t think of too many questions to ask her, which is really why there are only 2 questions below but I believe they answer a lot of doubts.

1) How did you learn of the company’s recruitment exercise?
I had been checking for jobs on Gaijinpot, Ohayosensei and random sites by googling “ESL Jobs Japan.” I got the job through Gaijinpot.

2) How long did you have to wait before they responded to your application?
The school replied the next day after I submitted my application which was really fast.
The first interview took place within two weeks and the second was a week after the first.
I got the good news before the stipulated ten days.

After the CELTA course, I knew and had expected it would not be easy to get a job in Japan because I was not there in person. But I managed to have interviews with GABA and Linnies English School as well. The whole process for GABA was done in about two weeks, including two Skype interviews. I asked but was not told why I didn’t get the job. For Linnies English School, it was done in about a week, also including two Skype interviews. The school said they decided to offer the position to someone more experienced.


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