The Right Decision Is Not Decided At The Point Decision Is Made

For the past number of months, I’ve had a number of readers who very kindly dropped me messages to share their excitement on their move to Japan. And if we were to make a team of it, we probably have enough members to form a baseball team by now. Yes, that many people have made it to Japan, why not you?

Recently, I was chatting with one reader — who has become a friend — about her decision to move to Japan. She, too, has left her job in Singapore and is now living in West Japan. But having been working for some time back home, she feels uneasy about this decision now that she’s here studying and not receiving any salary. She wasn’t sure if she had made the right decision. She was lost.

For all of you who feel the same way, don’t be.

How right a decision is, is not decided at the point the decision is made. Quitting your job to move here is not a right decision. Neither is it a wrong one. The decisive point is not now. It’s what you make of it. Think about how to make this a right choice.


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