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I will be moving out of this city into the 23 wards some time next month. Thinking about it, I’ve already spent close to $10,000 on moving alone. I really ought to stop moving!

On the other hand, moving is good in the sense that it helps you uncover the amount of trash you have stowed away in your closet which if you hadn’t moved, would never find out about them. So I’ve been packing and disposing of a lot of stuff, and also sold some of my guitar effects, PS3 games, and a space heater to the local second hand store reaping myself some 7300 yen. So I was thinking if I can get this amount with things like that, I could probably do better with my IH cooking pad and microwave oven.

I dragged the huge and heavy microwave oven together with a box of IH cooking pad and stood by my bicycle like a 5-year-old kid trying to figure out how to get his soft toys on his tricycle. I tried many ways and when I finally got my footing and placement of the items in place, I was scooting off having wild thoughts about the money I’m going to get.

When I arrived at the shop, I was greeted with a shocking truth. Electrical appliances more than 5 years old have no value. The reason being that in case it breaks down, manufacturers, more often than not, do not have the necessary replacement parts anymore. What was worse was that, not only did I get nothing out of it, I had to pay the shop to help me dispose of them.

Since disposing of them by myself would also require some amount of money + more work to getting things arranged, I decided to leave it with them and paid some 2000 yen for the procedure. So, the idea is, if you have some electrical appliances that you don’t want anymore, it’d be better to give it to someone else who might need it. That way, you don’t have to spend to get them disposed, and the other person wouldn’t have to spend to buy a new one themselves.

Although it set me back by 2000 yen, I still think this is an awesome system!

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