Tomocle Review

Some one year and a half ago, while I was trying to find some activities to do (sports) in my area, I chanced upon a drinking circle for working adults where people who don’t know one another gather together to have a drink and get to meet new people. I haven’t been to the event in a while, and today, I joined the event for the fourth time and decided to make it the last.


In general, it’s really expensive for guys (girls can attend for free up to 3 times) given the kind of food provided. 5,000 yen is what you pay for a bowl of salad, a small plate of gyoza, fries, some chicken, a few thin slices of squid, and some egg plant to be shared between 4 to 5 people. Of course you also get free flow of drinks for an hour, but the food is just pathetic. It’s obvious the organiser arranged it for profit only. But honestly, I wouldn’t mind the price if it was well-executed and fun, but frankly, the organiser is just really bad at it. It’s mostly not fun. I gave it four shots and met some nice people but that’s all I’m going to give it.

If you’re interested, you could give it a try though I wouldn’t recommend you to do so.

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