Annual Election

By now, those of you who care enough would’ve learnt of the results of AKB48’s annual election. Some of you might even have caught the event live over the Internet from wherever you are.

The most pronounced result was probably less of Sashiko grabbing the top spot, but more of how the change in generation can be seen. With Acchan already out of the unit, Tomochin and Mariko-sama announcing their intention to quit within the year, Miyazawa Sae voicing her intention to drop her role in AKB48 to focus on SHN48, Oshima Yuko no longer bothered about being number 1, multiple veterans dropping by more than 10 positions, over half the top 64 members being those from sister groups (SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, SHN48), plus the possibility of more competition from members of Nogizaka46 next year, it’s not a stretch to say the current members could possibly be replaced in the next election.

Interestingly, my interest in Akimoto’s project died with the recent election. Nothing to do with the result. Just that it is getting so repetitive, it is becoming a drag. I still find watching variety programs with AKB48 members interesting though. But that’s pretty much the same as any other variety with 鈴木砂羽 (Suzuki Sawa) or Daigo as the host.

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