I’m Leaving… Again

Before I could get down to writing about the living cost in Tokyo, I’ll be moving out of the metropolis in about a month’s time.

Yes, I’ve tendered my resignation at the translation company. Why? It’s really difficult to sum it up in a few words, but part of the reason is that I’ve been offered a permanent contract at another company so I no longer have to keep signing new year-long contracts every March. Everyone at my current company is a contract staff. Yes, everyone. Even the veterans who’ve been there 10 years are still renewing their contracts every year. But that’s not so much the point since it’s almost 100% certain your contract will get renewed every year as long as you don’t fumble up big time.

An insider story: I’ve only been with this company for a year and 9 months, and already, I’m the most experienced Project Manager there. This is because of the unusually high turnover rate at the company. It’s so high, during one of the dinner parties early this year, the CEO commented jokingly that we have too many farewell parties. And we don’t even have it for everyone who leaves. To put things in perspective, at least 13 people have left in less than 2 years. Including myself, that would be 14.

But don’t get me wrong. For all it’s worth, I must say the people there are wonderful to work with. You get flex-time system that you can utilize anytime to deal with whatever you have to do, it’s really easy to apply for leave, the people at the top are really friendly as well, and the clients are top-of-the-class in their respective industries. Further, there’s no because-I’m-your-senpai-you-have-to-arrive-earlier-and-leave-later shit either. But while I’m ok working in a high pressure environment, I would think the company is more suited to people who are more than ok working in one.

In any case, this may be a good turning point in my life. Maybe.

I’m leaving Tokyo.


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