Flower Flower

Yui fans have something to rejoice about. While the singer-songwriter is taking a break as a solo singer, she has returned as the vocalist of Flower Flower.

It probably isn’t a big deal. At least not big enough to write about when I am not considered a fan of hers. But their recent concert has people going breathless with the kind of technology it uses.

At 2 minute 50 seconds, Yui appears to appear on stage and the crowd gets excited. All of sudden, she dissipates. Note that where she appeared was not a screen but the actual stage.

Forwarding to 11:10, if you watch till 11:40, you would notice graphics and lyrics appearing around the band. This is not a special effect that only viewers at home can see, but something that the live audience can see as well. From all angles at that. This effect is present throughout the entire concert, like birds flying and fish swimming around the band. Every single effect you can see in the video is exactly what the live audience see at the concert.

Despite the title of this post, this really is about the special effects team I learn of on TV recently. Unfortunately, I don’t remember their name. So if you do, please let me know. People with the right answers stand to win a trip for two to Japan.

Except that there really isn’t a trip for two to Japan to be won.

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