Hello! Japan

How could I have forgotten to write about this? But those with Starhub cable TV at home would’ve found out about it by now. For those who still doesn’t, Japanese TV has made its way back to Singapore through Hello! Japan (Facebook) on Starhub Channel 149. I believe it’s on the basic plan so you do not have to pay additional fees to view the channel.

While they do have some programs that are a few years old, many of their variety programs such as London Hearts, Music Station, Athletic Fire, etc. are surprisingly very up to date. Some are as new as only a month’s delay since air date in Japan, so you’ll be guaranteed the latest music trends, if you’re a fan of Music Station.

The channel also has a relatively good selection of  movies that includes Oppai Volleyball (おっぱいバレー), Kaibutsu-kun (怪物くん), Accidental Kidnapper (誘拐ラプソディー), Kamikaze Girls (下妻物語), Girls for Keeps (ガール), Always Sunset on Third Street (ALWAYS三丁目の夕日) trilogy, etc. so it’s something worth looking out for.

Japanese fans should probably also do their part to keep this going by watching. Remember how Music Station was relegated from prime time to midnight before it disappeared from our TV more than 10 years ago? Don’t let history repeat itself.


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