A Singaporean Son

I’ve been reading the blog of asingaporeanson on and off for the past several months, or maybe a year? I’m not even certain how much time has passed since the “Coveted 13th Month Bonus” post he wrote. This guy is a very good writer and I respect and even am envious of him, even though his spelling and grammar can be spotty at times. But it’s much easier to pick up correct grammar and spelling than a writing style as his. Heck, with spell check software, you don’t even need to learn to spell anniemoore. He presents well-formed arguments with good evidences, which is why many of you gobbled up his 13th month bonus article and plastered it all over facebook with the comment, “We’re being cheated!” without actually thinking. I didn’t agree with what he wrote, and I didn’t agree with a few of his other posts either, because a lot of pre-suppositions that aren’t necessarily true were buried in his otherwise perfect argument. But having differing views doesn’t make him a poor writer. Frankly, I sometimes wish I could write like him.

Since graduating from university, I’ve lost faith in well-formed arguments. Because, while it appears that hypotheses are formed and arrived at based on evidences available, the fact is, many of us find evidences to support our pre-existing concepts and beliefs instead. Not the other way round. Speak to creationists and you’ll know what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against your beliefs. With over one-third of Americans evangelists, I had better not offend you. However, since I do not intend to run for the next presidential election, I will not pretend I’m Christian.

But if there’s anything such as “the most illogical argument ever,” it’s gotta be the one I heard a charismatic church goer make to an atheist. When the atheist pronounced his belief that there is no God, the Christian tried, as a last ditch effort, frightening him by saying “then you will end up in hell.”

Did this person even hear himself speak? That guy is an atheist. He doesn’t believe in hell! Know your audience!

Anyhow, if you appreciate interesting coffeeshop talk and you hate the government, asingaporeanson might do something for you.

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