Oh Shit!

Some time ago, a group of friends visited and together with our friend, N, we headed to a club in Roppongi.

The initial plan was to go to this particular club that N frequented. But as some of them were late, we were denied entry since it was too packed. Well, we were actually told that as it was too packed, only girls were allowed to enter. Fuck gender equality.

So we headed off in search of another club and were handed some pamphlets along the way and decided to settle for that. After all, how bad can a club located in the notorious Roppongi be? We went in finding it pretty empty but proceeded with ordering our drinks since we already paid the cover charge. While waiting, I noticed a sign on the corner of the DJ stand that read, “No dancing.”

I took a double take trying to find a reason for that sign. How can a Roppongi club not allow its patrons to dance? I tried to find a reason for it and came up with that there must be another dance floor. Yes, that must be it! I walked around the club, there was no “other dance floor.” I was shocked and N said there is actually a law in Japan that doesn’t allow people to drink and dance after 1am but it hasn’t been in strict enforcement till recently when a guy was bludgeoned to death at a Roppongi club. While the murder case is real, I’m not sure how true the point on the law is. So what else can 7 adults do at a club that doesn’t allow dancing do? Play drinking games of course.

N is a frequent clubber and loves dancing so much, she doesn’t do much else at clubs but drink and dance, so playing drinking games is a little new to her. While she got the games pretty quickly, for some reason, she ended up drinking more than we thought she could handle. By 4am, she was drunk. That was when shit happened.

N disappeared for a long time and we thought that was odd. The most likely place she can possibly be would be the toilet. Skipping the details, the girls went in and found her sleeping in her puke in the toilet. So we bought some wet paper towels to clean her up and new clothes for her to change and I was tasked to send her home. On the way home, I thought it was weird there were little brown spots on the dress we got for her but didn’t think too much of it.

Next evening, I met up with Z, one of the girls who was at the club with us. She asked if I smelled anything while sending N home that morning, and I said thanks to the girls there was no smell of puke. And she told me, N actually also shit all over herself, so she was literally sleeping in puke and shit when the girls found her. That takes care of the brown spot mystery.

Apparently, Z spoke with the bouncer at the club and the bouncer said that it is very common for girls to shit all over themselves at clubs. I’m not a clubber so I don’t know but do girls shit all over themselves in Singapore?

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