Checklist for Moving

Having moved five times to my sixth apartment in the span of 3.5 years, I’ve done up the moving checklist so many times, it’s getting a little tiring. So I’m just going to post it here so that I don’t have to do it up again if I do move again, and if you do need to move, this may help.

1) Arrange mover
2) Cancel current room rental
3) Cancel electricity at current place
4) Start electricity at new place
5) Cancel water at old place
6) Start water at new place
7) Cancel gas at old place
8) Start gas at new place
9) Cancel Internet at old place
10) Apply Internet at new place
11) if you are moving within the same city/ward
– Inform ward office/city hall of address change
if you are moving to a different city/ward
– Inform old ward office/city hall that you are moving out
– Inform new ward office/city hall that you are moving in
* note that you must get the moving out document from your old ward office/city hall before you can go to the new ward office/city hall
12) Inform bank of address change
13) Inform post office of address change (so they can forward your mails sent to your old address to your new address for a period of one year)

Regarding movers, I thought you might want to know that there are those that a) collect your luggage and baggage from your old place and can keep them for up to a week before delivery to your new place; b) collect your luggage and baggage and deliver them on the same day (which is more like immediately).

Most movers do option b) and I don’t really know too many companies that offer option a). But if you feel you prefer option a) you can try Kuroneko Yamato. One thing I’ve learnt is that, if you want to go for option a), but sure to pack all your stuff including those that you intend to move yourself, so you can make a more informed decision on what to hand over to the mover. Just don’t seal them first. This is because it is very easy to underestimate the amount of baggage and space your stuff take up. I’ve had a couple of such experiences including the time when I helped friends move.


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