Following the 添い寝屋 service, where customers pay to literally sleep next to a girl, and pay additional fees to stroke her head, hold her hands, or even to have her slap you, there comes another service of such sorts where it’s hard to categorise as clean or vice.

JK refers to high-school girls (Joshi Kosei), and お散歩 means a walk, or a stroll. The service called JKお散歩 getting pretty widespread in the Akihabara area, where high-school girls dressed in their school uniform stand on the streets to get businesses. What business? No sexual service for you perverts, but as the title itself says, a “walking service.”

As understood, Akihabara is full of otakus, many of whom lack social skills to have a woman in their lives; many of whom live by themselves. Some of these people might feel lonely and want to have a young girl to talk with. So here comes JKs to save the day! If you have enough cash to throw away, the girl will accompany you for a walk, and a talk anywhere. Many people are willing to pay for such a service, and likewise, many girls are willing to take up such part-time jobs since you don’t have to do much and yet make big money (if you get enough customers, that is). One of the girls interviewed with the TV station claims she can make as much as 40,000 yen a day.

Recently, however, a customer was arrested for lewd behaviour towards one of these girls. So, for all you who lack money sense and are thinking of experiencing the service, try to keep your hands off the girls. No, not try. Keep your hands off.


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