I Am Not Returning to Singapore… Yet

I left the job that was going to send me back to Singapore to the dismay of the President and the agency that introduced me to the job (probably also to the disappointment of my family). Not because it was going to send me back to Singapore. I was fine with it, but I shall not go into the details of my decision to leave.

The agent called me after that sounding  like he was trying to convince me to take up jobs that require me to live in Singapore for some period of time, because… and then he started telling me about all the amazing things about Singapore such as its geographically superior location, its market-deaf currency, its incredible growth, economic potential, etc. like I don’t already know that. I usually tune out when people tell me to choose something based on economic potential or wealth. Sure, many people in the world make decisions that way, but I didn’t choose Japan because of money. Not everything is about money. Sure, if you give me a job here that pays well, I will take it, but not if it’s outside Japan for now.

And to live up to the Moving Monster nickname, I’ll be moving back into Tokyo yet again! This is what they call 引っ越し貧乏. Yep, I’m getting broke from moving to my 7th apartment in 4 years. But at least I’m contributing to the property rental industry.


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