The Incredibly Popular Inconvenient Share House

There’s a share house in Osaka located 18 minutes away from Esaka station. An 18-minute walk is in general considered far. Most people looking to rent apartments seek those that are as near to the station as possible. But in spite of the distance, this share house is extremely popular with the female. Well, it’s catered only for women. Why?

The people queuing to rent this share house are all women who want to go on a diet. Apparently, this 18-minute walk is a good exercise to help them in their diet plans. But! Why this share house when there are so many apartments located 18 minutes away from a train station?

Apart from the auto-lock and security camera, there is also free Internet, free  weighing scale given to you, and a gym room you can use at no additional cost. But the biggest reason for its popularity is that the rental is based on your body weight. How much you pay would be your weight x 1000 yen. There is also a weighing day once every 3 months. For every kg you gain, your rent increases by 1000 yen for the next 3 months, and likewise, for every kg you lose, your rent decreases by 1000 yen. This way, residents feel the pain and get reminded of it every month to work hard.

Further, there is also unlimited free supply of potato chips and coca-cola which serves to train the residents’ endurance, so that they will not rebound after leaving the apartment. Residents also get 70% off Japan’s number 1 aesthetics salon, and also free consultation from the staff who come to their apartment every month. Residents who stay for a year also get a free total makeover and photography.

If only there is an apartment that reduces the rent for every kg I gain.

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