Puzzle & Dragons

The free mobile game Puzzle & Dragons (Pazudora) developed for both the iPhone and Android platform has been such a huge hit with over 22 million downloads and counting, they’ve even released a Nintendo 3DS version called Puzzle & Dragons Z. Yes, as much as it feels uncomfortable, “puzzle” is singular. But that’s not the point.

When a friend came over in the winter of 2012, Pazudora was already getting popular. I told my friend about it and we both tried playing the game. I don’t know what he thinks of it, but on my disappointingly laggy Aquos 103SH phone, I didn’t find it fun at all. It was only a matter of hours before I uninstalled the game from my phone.

However, last December, I sold my TV towards the end of the year as I was moving to my current place furnished with a TV. Having nothing to do at night, I decided to give the game another go on my iPad and I’ve since been hooked on it.

This game is like a combination of Pokemon, Bejeweled, and Puzzle Fighter, all of which are highly popular games in themselves. The idea is to collect monsters (Pokemon aspect) and shift coloured balls to connect at least 3 of the same in a row so that they would disappear (Bejeweled aspect). Clearing coloured balls each time would see your monsters attack the opponent (Puzzle Fighter aspect). Like Pokemon, you can upgrade your monsters and they can evolve into stronger monsters, and unlike Bejeweled, you can shift the balls as far as you want within the limited time. Put simply, it is an RPG puzzle game.

To make the game even more attractive, the company has collaborated with various other games/mangas, etc. to bring even more special limited edition monsters such as the recently-ended Hunter x Hunter collaboration. I managed to land myself one Hunter x Hunter character Jed, and this is what Jed looks like before evolving.

For all you Hunter x Hunter fans, there was also Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, Hisoka, Biscuit, Netero, Genthru, and Chrollo. Although the Hunter x Hunter event has ended, this collaboration reveals that there could be more interesting ones coming up.

Stop studying and join me in this addictive game! But then again, don’t do it if your parents will blame me.

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