Confusing Japan

Meguro station is not in Meguro ward but in Shinagawa ward, while Shinagawa station is not in Shinagawa ward but in Minato ward. Atsugi station is not in Atsugi city but in Ebina city. Hongo 3-chome station is not in Hongo 3-chome but in Hongo 2-chome. There are no schools called Hitotsubashi Gakuen or Oizumi Gakuen but there is a Hitotsubashi Gakuen station and an Oizumi Gakuen station. There’s a Musashino line departing from Tokyo station but it does not take you to Musashino city.

Both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo German Village are located in Chiba instead of Tokyo. Likewise, Tokyo Christian University and Tokyo University of Information Sciences are both in Chiba, while Tokyo International University is in Saitama.

The famous Marugame Seimen selling the well-known sanuki udon from Kagawa prefecture didn’t start out in Kagawa prefecture’s Marugame city, but in Hyogo prefecture. And the famous Tsukiji Gindako that sells takoyaki started out in Gunma prefecture instead of Tokyo’s famous tourist spot, Tsukiji.

That’s enough confusion for now.

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