The Gunma Revelations

I actually said it as a joke to write about Gunma in this post to a new friend, V, I met in Gunma, but since I didn’t have much else to write at the moment (or rather, I’m lazy to research on a topic I want to write next), might as well. And now you know to look forward to the next post. I promise it’ll be interesting (unless I forget what I want to write about).

Last week, I stayed over at L and R’s place in Saitama because L was due to have her “final” brass band performance in Gunma the next day. After the performance, I learnt that she is considering the possibility of more performances. I guess that’s what performers like to do nowadays huh? Hong Kong rock band Beyond said that they were having their last concert over some 10 years ago, but then went on to hold a few more. Jackie Chan announced his last action movie a couple of years ago but then released Police Story 2013 last year.

Revelation 1: L will be having another concert

I got to meet this other girl, T, who said that she wants to try skydiving someday. When I asked if the indoor ones with a giant propeller is alright, T said no, because she likes being at high places. When I suggested Mt. Fuji, since the view from above is excellent, T said she doesn’t like mountains, but when we talked about the countries we want to visit next, she said she wants to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Revelation 2: If you want to conquer something you dislike, you should skip the mediocre ones and go for the kill

Having watched 月曜から夜更かし, my only impression of Gunma was 知名度最下位. So I asked the new friends I met about the leisure places in Gunma, and they told me about this free zoo where the animals have no interest in entertaining visitors.

Revelation 3: No reason for me to visit Gunma again


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