Shocking Sports Rules You Never Knew


In sumo, a loincloth, or what the Japanese call a mawashi, is an integral part of the game. In sumo, if a wrestler’s mawashi comes loose during the match, he loses the game.

Even if he doesn’t, I don’t think he would want to continue fighting naked.


In wrestling (not the WWE kind but the Olympic kind), a contestant must always carry a white handkerchief during a match, so that in cases where they get injured and start bleeding, they can immediately wipe off their blood with the handkerchief. If the wrestler doesn’t carry a handkerchief, he/she will be disqualified.

Losing by a handkerchief is probably the worst defeat ever.


In 2010, a rugby match between Suntory vs. NEC was held. At full-time, the score was tied at 10-10. In rugby, in cases where a tie occurs, the rule is that the team who scored more tries wins. If that is the same, then the team with the most goals wins. However, if both are the same, as with Suntory and NEC, the method to determine the result is… by impartial lottery!

This is probably the only game where saying “Good luck!” makes sense.


In 2005, at a Northampton league soccer match, referee Andy Wayne faced violent protest from a goalkeeper on his calls during the second half. Wayne was so pissed, he threw his whistle at the goalkeeper and spewed profanities at the player, and then he handed out a red card… to himself! In soccer, a referee can give himself a red card. That match was forfeited since there was no standby referee.

Why no standby referee?


In kendo, contestants can use two swords instead of the usual one. The reason why this is mostly unknown is because, the use of two swords had been banned for a long time and the ban was only lifted in 1992.

Two swordsone to block, one to hithow to lose?

Ice skating

In figure skating, skaters are not allowed to show their chest hairs and armpit hairs.

Why do I have this impression that I’ve seen a figure skater’s chest hair before?


In Wimbledon, all players must wear only white, from their tops to bottoms to their underwear. If you notice, players like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams wear colours like pink and blue and what not in the US Open, Australia Open, and French Open, but they always all wear white at Wimbledon. Even their underwears are checked.

What about those that turn yellow after years of wearing?


In golf,

1) if a ball drops into a mole’s hole, players are allowed to take it out without penalties
2) if a ball is carried away by a dog, the player begins his next swing from where the dog drops the ball
3) if there is a banana skin on the green, the player can remove it
4) if a ball drops into the bunker in front of a dead crab, the player cannot remove the crab
5) if a ball drops into an orange peel, the player cannot take it out and must hit with the ball in the orange

Suddenly live golf sounds so interesting to watch.

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