JK Language

JK (joshi kosei) or Japanese high school girls have been creating new language day after day, especially on SNS media.

In 2014, some of the more popular terms that haven’t perpetuated into the mainstream, but are expected to, are:

1) KS
KS stands for 既読スルー (kidoku suruu) which is used on the Line app to mean ‘read and ignored.’ It is used to refer to a situation where someone read your message but doesn’t reply. Technically speaking, it should be ‘KT’ since it’s supposed to be ‘kidoku through.’
2) ビョウデ (byode)
Byode means ‘soon’ or ‘immediately.’ It literally means ‘in a second.’
3) OC
OC means おいしい (oishii) simply because it sounds like the word.
4) かまちょ (kamacho)
Kamacho is short for かまってちょうだい (kamattechodai) which means ‘please talk to me.’
5) TOKIO力 (TOKIO ryoku)
Because of TOKIO’s popular shows like Tetsuwan Dash! where members of the band do lots of hard work, TOKIO ryoku is used to refer to survival ability.
6) 微レ存 (birezon)
Birezon is short for 粒子ベルで在する (biryushi reberu de sonzaisuru) to mean ‘almost non-existent.’ It literally means ‘existence as significant as a tiny particle.’

Don’t use them on me please.

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