I’m beginning to realize how a lack of update can influence readership drastically. It probably makes sense since I would stop visiting a site if it doesn’t update for some time, and after a while, I would slowly forget about the existence of the site. That’s probably why brands like Pepsi Cola continue spending millions on advertising despite how well-known they already are. It’s like I don’t think about wanting to drink Kikapoo or Jolly Shandy because I don’t see or hear about them anymore. As for Anything and Whatever, that was just a multi-million dollar flop. It sounded like an 18-year-old’s ideas. The only difference was that this 18-year-old had a lot of money to spare.

To be honest, I’ve actually been writing more often than it seems. The problem is, I tend to write a number of stuff, save them in draft, come back to them and think they aren’t good enough (or not appropriate) and delete them. Before I know it, a month passes and I haven’t posted anything.

I could really just post an entry with a bunch of expletives if people like it.

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