Death Note Drama


Death Note’s drama version started airing a couple of weeks ago, and as you can see, this is the best casting of Yagami Light so far. As for L, it’s a little 微妙 acting skills wise. Matsuyama Kenichi did a better job, I feel. Casting for Light’s father is shit. He looks nothing like the original comic version and holds less than half the magnitude he should have. That might be because I only saw him in Solitary Gourmet which is a very different character from what Yagami Soichiro should be.


No, that’s not it. Yagami Soichiro is not so skinny.

I first came into contact with Death Note when I watched the movie version back when I was in university. I loved it and watched the anime, and found out that the story ends differently and even better than the movie. That made me love it even more. Then, I bought the comics and read it through. Then I had thought about catching the musical but didn’t do it in the end. Now, the drama is out, I’ve been following the past 2 episodes. This is about the only story that I can watch again and again and followed every spin-off so far except for the musical, which I intend to catch if the chance comes.

Due to the nature of Japanese dramas being really short, the story proceeds very quickly in this new take on the story, which is perfectly fine for me. When I heard that the story is a little different from the original, it bothered me a little but not too much. I was keen to see how it has been changed and if it did as good as the movie version.

But I soon realised my dislike for the altered storyline. Apparently, the writer decides to make Light a fan of Misa-Misa right from the start and tries to save her. WHY!? JAPANESE PEOPLE!?


Having said that, I’m still going to try following the series till the end. Let’s hope it will be salvaged somewhere, somehow. If not, we can always remember that this drama version has a better Yagami Light than the movie. That’s it.

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