Do You Cook?

A Spaniard, Tao, who has been living in Tokyo for 10 years now contacted me recently about an open teaching position for a cooking class.

Tao organizes cooking lessons by foreigners living in Tokyo. Each teacher teaches their country’s cuisine to Japanese people and it seems that some students have requested a Singaporean cooking class, which is why Tao is now looking for a Singaporean who loves cooking and would like to teach it in a casual setting.

According to Tao, the classes are paid pretty well and classes are fun, so for someone who loves cooking, it’s a great place to share your passion. If you’re interested, just leave your comments in this post, and hopefully Tao returns and sees them. Or if I suddenly feel angelic enough, I might take the time to respond to Tao’s mail about your interest.

Although it’s not explicitly stated, I believe you must be good at cooking as well. Please don’t turn up at the class saying “I love cooking!” and burn an egg.


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