Death Note Drama – An Update


After 9 episodes of NTV’s version of one of the best manga stories ever, I can only say, the drama sucks big time.

First, I was wrong about the casting. L wasn’t as bad as I had thought he was when I eventually got used to it but Kubota as Light was a bad choice. He looks awkward when he does the evil laughter. Instead of a genius going up intellectually against L, he looks like a man you usually see in strait jackets.

But the main problem lies in the story.

Light being Misa Misa’s fan aside, in the latest episode, L confronted Light without solid evidence. He called Light out one night and tried to make him confess by pretending to attempt to kill him with the fake Death Note that he got Watari to create. Light got desperate and fought L. With his un-L-like stupid choice of streaming their initial exchange live to the secret headquarters, Mikami, who happened to be raiding the quarters saw L’s name with his traded grim reaper eyes and texted Light L’s name. This is the only version of the series where L’s name is revealed in the middle of the show. In the original, L’s name was never mentioned. The only way to find out his name was if you read the additional volume 13. So Light tries to kill L and upon writing L’s real name in the fake Death Note, Light confesses that he is Kira, but 40 seconds later, L remains alive. When the rest of the crew arrive, L is about to tell them Light is Kira when he actually dies because Mikami decided to write L’s name as well just in case. So no, L was not killed by Rem in this version of the story and Rem didn’t perish.

Next, Mello doesn’t actually exist in this series as a person. What does that mean? In the drama, Mello is the split personality of Near who carries a doll of the original Mello. OMFG! Which idiot came up with that?

If you’re curious about the story, go ahead and watch it. If you’re looking for a good story, I suggest you watch me brush my teeth.

My remaining consolation is Near looks beautiful.

Search Yuki Mio if you’re interested.

Here’s her blog.

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