The Tsunami-Like Flood at the Kinugawa River

I’m not certain what kind of news is being reported overseas and back home. For some reason, my parents always seem to know about some earthquake that happens here even if it was really minor. Since they never asked about the flood, I’m guessing it wasn’t reported, and if it wasn’t, I’m really surprised because it seems more serious than the occasional minor quakes we get.

The recent heavy rain around the Kanto region due to strong typhoons caused an overflowing of the Kinugawa river along Gunma and Ibaraki prefecture. Tochigi was hit with landslides and we got some landslide warnings here in Tokyo as well, as mentioned in an earlier post.

Flooding didn’t sound so bad until I saw the news where houses were being washed away, and people were stranded on their roofs and random platforms. Heli-rescue was pretty much the only option, and with the rush of water reminiscent of the tsunami in 2011, a number of people were killed and several more missing. It might not have caused damage to the scale of the tsunami but definitely a horrible disaster.

In Singapore, we have no natural disasters, which is probably partly why waterfront houses are more expensive. Interestingly, waterfront houses in Japan are popular too. I understand the view is nice, but it definitely won’t be my choice for a dwelling especially after the 2011 tsunami and the recent flood. If I could choose, the stretch in Shizuoka prefecture along the Pacific Ocean would be an excellent place to be. Except that it’s by the ocean and the next major earthquake is foreseen to be along the Tokai region where Shizuoka and Aichi are. It then now seems like being the 海のない県 or prefecture without a beach may not be such a bad thing after all. Just avoid waters at all cost.

I’m fine by the way. Thanks for asking.


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