Making Japanese Friends in Singapore

Hi Jinhan-san! I sent you a message through this form some time last week. I’m not sure if it has gotten to you so I’m resending it here. I’d like to make friends with young Japanese people, preferably high school or university students in Singapore. However I am not sure about how open they are to making friends with foreigners. I hope you could provide some insights. Do you also know of any platforms where Singaporeans can interact with Japanese residing in Singapore? Thank you so much! From, L


Hi L,

I’m sure there are Japanese people interested in making friends with you. As for where you can find them, I’m afraid my history of Japanese friends in Singapore are all through my language school. They occasionally hold cultural exchange events where we get to meet Japanese people on exchange in Singapore. From there, I do get introduced to their other Japanese friends.

Apart from language schools, I guess you can try platforms like although I’m not certain how much it has penetrated the Japanese market in Singapore.

If anyone has any insights on this question, please do share.


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