Career Plans for a Singaporean in Japan


i have been reading your blog for years! are you still working in google, as what?

i wonder what ur career plans are. because i am somewhat in the same boat as you, teaching english allows one to survive but not to thrive in singapore. i am worried about my career finding a job in singapore and saving for retirement etc…

best wishes,


Hi Alvin,

Thank you for reading. It’s people like you who write in telling me you’ve been reading for years that motivates me to continue writing. I appreciate all your messages although I may not always respond promptly. And if Lena is reading this, please bear with me a bit more. I promise to get around to writing about the difference between そう, よう, らしい, and みたい.

Getting back to Alvin’s question, yes, I’m still at Google’s AdSense and AdMob partners sales team. However, I’ll be leaving Google at the end of this month and my next step is to help with a friend’s business outside Tokyo (although not too far away), which means I’ll be moving for the 8th time in 6 years, and a 9th time is scheduled within the next month (don’t ask me why).

As for my career plans, I actually won’t be doing full-time at the friend’s business as yet. I might if it works out well, but after giving up my freelance life for Google a year ago, I’m trying to return to freelance instead of becoming an employee.

I’ve also been worried about retirement and so I’ve been reading a lot about investments and economics intending to try doing something for myself instead of doing something for somebody else. I’m not certain if I can make it but no harm trying. Rather, there’s more harm in not trying.

I can’t give any further advice yet, but if someday I do succeed in my plans, then perhaps I can share a thing or two. Hope you find your path soon.


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