Can You Solve Intel Japan’s 30-second Entrance Examination?

Rumor on Intel Japan’s 30-second entrance examination has been posted on their official Twitter account. The quizzes do not actually require a PhD in Mathematics to solve, but anyone with a primary school level knowledge of algebra can handle. Are you able to solve them in 30 seconds?


The question is: What is the total weight of all three animals?


Before revealing the answer, let’s take a look at some high quality origami works by Intel.

Intel_quiz-2 Intel_quiz-3

And this image below is simply geeky.


Ok, now for the answer to the quiz above!

Rabbit: 3 kg
Cat: 7kg
Dog: 17kg
Total: 27kg

There are probably many ways to solve it but for the benefit of those who still hasn’t figured it out, here’s how I did it. *I’ll try to explain with words instead of numbers


This means, the dog weighs 10kg more than the cat.


Since the dog weighs 10kg more than the cat, it means that if you remove 10kg from the dog, it would weigh the same as the cat. So we can now easily know the weight of the cat.


Now that you know the cat weighs 7kg, everything can be solved from here.


At this point, you already have Rabbit=3kg, Cat=7kg, Dog=17kg. So simply adding them up would give you 27kg!

If that was too easy for you, here’s another one. What number should be in the box at the top of the pyramid? (Hint: All numbers are sums of the numbers in the two adjacent blocks below it)


Share your answers in the comment section!

I’ll post the answer in the next entry!

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