An Experiment Bordering along Pornography Only Japanese People Can Think of

I must’ve been watching some indecent videos on YouTube for it to recommend such a video to me, but I must say I did enjoy watching the series in spite of the mildly pornographic element. Or rather, because of the mildly pornographic element.

From the content, I believe the video below is a TV program that is shown only on either satellite or cable TV. What it sets out to experiment is whether two complete strangers can fall in love with each other simply by kissing.

The rule is simple: Two strangers will sit in the same room and are not allowed to talk to each other. At every 30-minute interval, they will be instructed to kiss each other for one minute. This will repeat for five times: meaning they will kiss each other for a total of five minutes. After the kisses, they will leave the venue separately. If they fell in love with the other party, they will head to an agreed meeting place exactly five hours later. If both parties arrive at the meeting place, it means that kissing alone can make people fall in love. If either does not turn up an hour after the arranged meeting time, then it’s otherwise.


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