Adult KFC

No pornography here but KFC has opened an outlet in Takadanobaba that has a cafe serving coffee and desserts at noon, and beer from 5pm. The best part is, apart from beer, they also serve their original whiskey, which I am a little curious to try.


I’m wondering why Takadanobaba of all places though because the station is near to Waseda University and students are known to get drunk and strip naked, making a scene near the train station. Further, the infamous Waseda Super Free incident and last year’s disgraceful event of Meiji University’s Kreis Tennis Club still ring in our ears. Are we sure we want to make alcohol more easily accessible to these students? Female students may no longer be found sprawling on the streets dead drunk because it’s easier now for boys to bring them back to their dorm. It does make good business sense for KFC though, but with greater access to beer comes greater responsibility. I sure hope female students know how to protect themselves.

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