Which Misery Would You Choose?

I was just watching this TV show hosted by cosmetic surgeon and TV personality, Nishikawa Ayako. Toward the end of the program, she made a comment that gave me some food for thought.


Getting married and remaining single are both miserable. It’s just a question of which misery you choose.

For an elite who has gone through countless relationships and a heartbreaking divorce, it’s an interesting opinion which isn’t entirely false. Although you can put it another way in that there’s bliss in being single and in being married. Which would you choose?

When one of the guests says she would want to cohabit with her boyfriend before getting married so as to know the other party’s private habits, Nishikawa raised that cohabitation and marriage are different. Reason being, during cohabitation, the girl is still not yours entirely, so the guy will do his best to show the positive side of himself even if it was a lie.

For Nishikawa, when she lived with her then-boyfriend before they got married, they often went to have meals at Thai restaurants together, but as soon as they got married, the guy told her that he actually hates coriander.

I can actually understand her point of view.


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