Moving of Tsukiji Fish Market Postponed

You might already have read about the moving of the Tsukiji fish market from the current Tsukiji to Toyosu in November this year. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it has been postponed indefinitely but will definitely not be carried out within the year.

The reason for the postponement all came about when the former Tokyo Governor, Masuzoe Yoichi, was accused of misappropriating funds for his personal use. Interestingly, the ways he used the tax monies are simply frowned upon and not illegal. But as with how Japanese people do things, Masuzoe resigned and an election was carried out for a new Tokyo governor.

At the election, Koike Yuriko came off the winner and became the new Tokyo governor. She went through the details of the Toyosu project and upon inspection, found that a large area originally meant to be filled with land to prevent contamination wasn’t done as proposed. In these areas, underground spaces were instead built where it should be covered. As a result, ground water leaked and flooded those spaces. While there hasn’t been bacteria detected in both the water and underground air, it is unknown who, at what point, changed the original plan to create the underground space for what reason.

So all of you planning to visit the Tsukiji before it closes have more time now.

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