The Secret to Choosing Your Washing Machine

80% of Japanese people own traditional top-loading washers as opposed to front-loading ones. The reason is mostly because front-loading ones cost a lot more than top-loading ones. And by reason, front-loading ones also fetch better resale prices than top-loading ones.

I used to own a top-loading washer with dryer function and bought it at a little over 70,000 yen. About a year and a half later, I was moving to a furnished apartment and hence decided to sell the washer. But the second-hand shop offered me 1,000 yen “because it’s a top loader.”

However, did you know that top loaders have better washing capabilities than front loaders in Japan?

It appears that this stems from the roots of the machines. Top loaders were originally washers. And as technology advanced dryer functions are added. On the other hand, front loaders were originally dryers equipped with washing functionality, so front loaders are better for drying. This means, families with children are recommended to use top loaders since children have higher tendency to get their clothes dirtier while people living alone who don’t want to spend too much time ironing their clothes after drying can get the front loaders (because the vertical rotation results in less crumple). This suggestion is from a TV program although I was thinking parents don’t want to spend time ironing clothes either. But I guess you get some, you lose some.

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