The Inexplicable Sense of Self-Entitlement about Toilets

Variety shows here can be quite trashy. They talk about the silliest stuff people are not really interested in. Or maybe Japanese viewers are. Among those, are toilets.

I raised my thoughts about toilet seats some time ago after having heard a female friend complain about how her guy doesn’t put down the seat after use. I’ve never understood the issue over this. If men can lift up the seats before using (not to mention that it’s in order to not dirty the seat for women), then women can put down the seats themselves. Why does this progression toward gender equality have to budge on points as and when deemed convenient? It’s not a lot of work to lift up or put down seats. I usually do put the seat back down after use in consideration for the next user, but it irks me when this is thought to be my job. I do not expect praise or acknowledgment for putting down the seat, but neither do I think I should be damned for not doing so.

How hard is it to put back down the seat yourself? If anything, it requires more energy to lift it up.

On Downtown DX a while ago, guests talked about what annoys them and the rest of the guests will raise panels to indicate if they feel the same. One of the guests mentioned about the famous washlet that sprays water to wash your ass after you’re done (or before; I’m not judging).
* The term “washlet” is actually not an official name for the product but a registered trademark of Toto Ltd. So, not all such products are called Washlet, but for the purpose of this article, I will address it so (in lower case).

The guest stated that he finds it annoying when the person before him reduces the water pressure so much, and when he activates it without noticing, the water is so weak, it only slightly brushes past his ass making it feel disgusting. He wants people to return the pressure to full before they leave.

I remember on another program, another host (it might have been Matsuko Deluxe) mentioned about the washlet too. He, on the other hand, preferred people to lower the water pressure before they leave because sometimes the spray is so strong, it surprises him. To be frank, I’ve been alarmed by how strong some of the washlet sprays were. They were so powerful, I felt the water was going to penetrate me and come out through my mouth.

Bet you’re imagining that right now.

Some people want this, some people want that. Nobody knows if you are the next person coming in to use the toilet. If the setup is as you wished, be grateful to the person who used it before you. If not, just change it yourself. Don’t whine about it. Nobody owes you anything.


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