The Brazen Singaporean Girl

A great friend W has been flying in and out of Japan for work for the past year or so. W was actually the boss of an ex-colleague. Because of my intention to leave for Japan, our company hired a new girl to take over my role. Some time after I left for Japan, the company was sold to another larger company where W was working as Vice President. Through my freelance gigs with the company, I came to know W but interestingly, never thought of him as a client but more as a friend because he’s a very amiable person.

Recently, while sitting at home past 10 p.m., W suddenly sent me a message asking if I was out. I had been prepared to go to bed after shower and dinner and told him so. He insisted I go meet them for a drink as there’s this Singaporean girl he wants to introduce me to. Since it was getting very late, I quickly put on a pair of jeans and headed out.

As I arrived and met them, the already drunk girl said the other guys were trying to match-make us. But she was also throwing herself into the arms of other two guys around and hugging them. Can’t blame her since she’s drunk. W kept telling me how smart and nice she is and I do believe W, except she was pointing middle fingers and saying fuck the whole night. Perhaps she thinks it’s cool to be doing that. My problem is I don’t enjoy hanging around people who swear too much. Occasional swearing is fine. But the biggest turn off was when she told me, “I’m very easy. Just buy me food and drinks and I’ll sleep with you.”

The question is: to buy or not to buy.


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