Karoshi is Real

The TV was introducing Hachijo-jima, an island approximately 287km off the coast of Tokyo in the Philippine Sea. The scenes were so powerful and mesmerizing, I thought maybe I would go visit it sometime soon to get refreshed from all the work I’ve been doing.

I only realized I needed this break when a client contacted me saying the job supposed to come in tomorrow is canceled and I actually felt happy. Although I later realized, due to the confusing system, I suspect it’s the one next week that is canceled; not tomorrow. In any case, I usually feel happy when clients contact me about jobs coming in so I really do need a break.

I went into the Hachijo-jima website and turned to look at the TV again. When that section ended, I clicked on the “how to get there” link and got returned an error, apparently due to capacity problems. Everyone must’ve been accessing the website during that time when the program was on.

Such is the power of broadcasting.

Everyone who knows me from after I moved to Japan would know I’m a huge TV fan. I’ve never been such a huge fan back in Singapore since the programs were meh. But here, even the late-night shows that are less popular are so interesting, I can’t help but keep watching and end up sleeping late. Since I have to wake up at 6am every morning, the 1-2am bedtimes are draining my soul away. But no one can fight the power of Japanese TV. Perhaps I might be the first person to die of fatigue, not from overwork, but from too much TV. Karoshi is real.

Alright, gotta find out if I’ve still gotta work tomorrow.


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