Suffering from Concert Withdrawal Syndrome

I’ve never really been a huge fan of concerts. I mean, there were many I thought would be enjoyable to attend like Hamasaki Ayumi’s. She may no longer be as great a singer but I believe her show is still as entertaining.

The first concert I ever attended was Daniel Chan’s at a tiny music hall in Singapore with my polytechnic classmates. It was alright as I wasn’t a fan of his but my classmates were. The only good out of the concert was that Tanya Chua was a guest performer. To me, she would always be one of the most talented Singaporean singers ever.

The second concert was Stefanie Sun’s also with my polytechnic classmates at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and we had the most expensive arena seats. That, I enjoyed more since I liked her songs then but I didn’t really enjoy the concert because as a singer, she was great. But as an entertainer, she was mediocre. At least the concert was. With two of my first concerts leaving me unimpressed, I had no intention to catch any other concerts anymore.

I always wondered why people would waste money attending concerts. That is, until I attended the 14-hour Visual Japan Summit last year. Most of the day was dull, but when Psycho le Cemu came on, everything changed. Then Glay, Luna Sea, and X changed my perspective on concerts. It was such great fun. That same day, I applied for a ticket to Luna Sea’s year-end Christmas Eve concert. But still, seeing some people with 3-day bands that grant them access to the event 3 days (of 13-hour performances) in a row, I wondered why anyone would pay to watch the same concert again and again. Some of my Korean classmates do that as well, catching their favorite idol’s every single concert of the same tour across Japan.

But after Monday’s concert, I feel like I understand why they do that. I’m currently suffering from withdrawal syndrome; I need more concerts. But first, I need more money.

Ok, that means back to work.

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