Fight My Way

So video streaming service Viki was acquired by Rakuten some 4 years ago but surprisingly, content on the site is still not available to audience in Japan so VPN it is.

As the title suggests, I’ve been watching this show called Fight My Way. It was recommended by my Korean teacher who also recommended my first ever Korean drama, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I think she knows what kinds of shows give me the ticks because this is also a very good show that I can’t stop watching.

While it doesn’t happen for all the episodes at the moment, I was very impressed with the subtitles as the earlier eps allow you to view subtitles in two languages: Korean and one other language of your choice. Further, the Korean texts are clickable such that when you click them, a pop up box with audio pronunciation and dictionary definition appears, making it the perfect tool for language learners. I only wish they have it on all the episodes. It’s impressive how language learning is evolving infiltrating spaces that got learners interested in languages in the first place. While not true for my case, the features still benefit me. But without the Korean subtitles in later eps, I end up reading the English and not listening to the conversation much. Nevertheless, it’s still an entertaining show.

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